The Most Outrageous Vehicles for Hire in the World

When you’re attending a special function, are you the type of person who prefers to make a grand entrance, or would you rather slip in through the side door? The grand entrance is something that needs to be executed perfectly in order to leave people talking for days after (for the right reasons of course). And it all starts with your arrival at the event.

Sure, you could drive yourself to the venue, or even turn up using public transport. Those are perfect options if you’re a ‘side door’ kind of person. But if you want everyone to know that you’ve arrived, nothing makes a statement more than being driven to the event in an outrageous hire vehicle. Here are some wild vehicle hire options that you might find locally and around the world.

The Hummer

Great for carrying large groups of people at once (typically anywhere between 16 and 24 passengers) in a kickin’ party atmosphere, the Hummer is a true statement-making hire vehicle. Big, bold and brassy, you’re sure to make a lasting impression upon your arrival – whether you emerge with your closest friends, or even alone. Hummers are usually decked out with everything you need for the most enjoyable, luxurious travel experience, from leather seats to fully stocked bars, television screens, iPod docks and much more. You can even hire a pink limo if you really want people to know you’ve arrived!

Arrive in true Hollywood style

No, I’m not talking about a simple red carpet arrival. Over in the United Kingdom, some companies offer the left-of-centre option of hire vehicles, modelled on famous cars from the biggest Hollywood movies and television productions. You could potentially arrive in style in anything from the Batmobile (would you prefer the 1966 TV show original, or the 1989 Tim Burton movie model?), to Herbie the Lovebug, to KITT from Knight Rider, right through to James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. You could even hire Fred Flintstone’s car from the 1994 movie if you wish! No guarantees, though, that you’ll be able to travel in time in a Back To The Future style DeLorean though…

Sometimes, less can be more

Of course, just simply being chauffeur driven to an event in a sleek and stylish vehicle can speak volumes. Chauffeur Airport Transfer offers a quality chauffeur car service in Melbourne, with a fleet of luxurious vehicles to make getting from A to B as smooth and comfortable as possible. From wedding car hire and corporate vehicles to airport transfers and everything in between, we can cater to just about any need, with a staff of experienced chauffeurs who know Melbourne like the back of their hand.

Everyone deserves to have at least one memorable entrance once in their lives, and you don’t need to go all out and over-the-top to do it. So make it count by getting in touch with Chauffeur Airport Transfer today.